domingo, 4 de julio de 2010

Six monts after

It seems a long time, it also seems a short time. It depends on how I want to look at your leave. But six full months have passed by.

It might seem a long time. Because, I have never been so sad in my entire life. So many months have passed by without really enjoying my time. From this perspective it has been a long time.

However, if I think that the day we said good bye, it was not only my body trying to heal from a huge surgery, but also my heart and soul were broken. My whole life broke into pieces. Breathing was a huge task, not to say eating and sleeping. And what about getting out of the house because I couldn't stop crying. Now I can work and do many of the things I use to do before you passed the way. I started my life again from scratch. From that perspective, six months has been a short time, because in that period of time I learned to live again.

During this very tough journey, I have learned that I will always be your mother. Even though you were never with me the way I dreamed of, you will always remain with me in a different way. So, I will always feel this love for you. Thank you Ines for the days we shared here, I hope one day I can fully accept your loss. Kisses to wherever you are princess.

With love your mother.