viernes, 7 de mayo de 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is aproaching. I want to send all my support to all those mothers that have lost a baby. Specially, to those mothers that like me are facing this festivity with a missing baby for the first time . Or those who also have living children and are feeling confused about what to do or feel during day. I hope we can make it through the day in a smooth way! Don't push yourself be gentle and do what feels good for you. I will try to remain positive and celebrate that I am alive to live such a day.

domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Four months since we said good bye

Dear Ines,

Its been four months since we said goodbye. Many people say that my grief will start to feel better whenever I start to see the positive things that can come from your departure. But I still see nothing positive from you departing this world. There are still no words and no thoughts that can calm my heartache. I still feel my soul in fire, a deep agony. I can't see anything positive yet. Indeed, I don't envision when am I going to find a positive angle to such a tragic event.

I actually think this should have not happen because you were a healthy baby, you were meant to be with us. Your departure is maybe one of the most tragic deaths I have ever heard about. It is so sad. I hope one day soon I can yield your story.

Today, Daddy, Isabel and I remembered you. We bought you some flowers that we put next to your portraits. Each of us said some words to you. Oh Ines, we miss you no matter how many months can go by. We love you precious. You are forever in my heart and memories. God bless you wherever you are. Rest in peace.