lunes, 23 de agosto de 2010

My mistery

I have a mistery. You might know by now what is this mistery about. I have never really explained what happened to Inés, the reason of her death. I DO know. But there is a reason to not disclose it yet. But come on....she is not here...she died already....that is the bottom line. Who cares what happened in reality, she is dead, period, end of the story. In my case, when she died a great part of this story just began. It seems overwhelming, and it is. It is so overwhelming learning to live again after your baby dies, but in my case her death is just part of the story. Many many many times I question WHY ME, WHY, WHY ME IN THIS WAY!!! In part, I feel I have a lot more 'homework' than others and that makes me feel lonley lonley lonley. I have to deal with so much. But the good news is that I feel that everyday I am closer to end my mistery and to share to the world my whole story.