jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010


Hey people, I just want to warn you that I am not a native English speaker, though I learned the language since I was very young. I hope my writings turn out as interersting an easy to read as yours -I believe I can decently speak and write in this language- but you will be the final judge. I promise to do my best. I might write in Spanish, just when I feel that I really need to urgently express myself.

For now, I am so eager to share with you my thoughts and experiences that result from my grief after my baby Ines died on January 02, 2010.

I still can't believe I am part of the club. Don't take it personally, but I am so sorry that I became part of it.

Ines you are forever in my heart and thoughts.

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  1. Hi Mariana,

    I'm here. I'm sorry you are part of this club too. And I understand some Spanish if you write in Spanish. Grief sometimes needs to be expressed in different languages.

    Stephanie (Malou's Mama)

  2. Don't worry at all about it not being perfect. I have spoken English my entire life and I know I'm not perfect sometimes either. I look forward to reading your blog and I'm sorry you had to join our babyloss club too. Hugz.

  3. No one wants to be part of this club - but there are some amazing people within it all the same.

    I love the way you write.

    Ines is just beautiful.

  4. You did a beautiful job telling Ines's story! I admire you so much for writing in your 2nd language, that is truly amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your story. ((Hugs)) Ami