miércoles, 23 de junio de 2010

Feeling better

I realize that I have been through the most challenging events after Inés died.
It is really unbelievable how drammatic her loss has been. And I can't believe how strong I have been too. After all, I still breath, eat, work, love and enjoy my life. Yes I do, eventhough a piece of me will always be missing.

I am person who loves living, I still do, and I am proud of it. However, I still cry, oh yes many times. I still feel angry, oh yes many times, I still feel frustrated, oh yes, many times. I still daydream with her beauty and all that could have been, oh yes, many many times.

I just started a new project that makes me feel happy. I'll work as a consultant for UNICEF, I'll estimate the federal expenses the government of Mexico devotes to infants, children and youth. In the bottom of my heart I dedicate this effort to my dear Inés. I love helping the advocates of this cause. Hopefully this helps to fill some gaps in terms of public policy and resources that can favour our kids.

Thank you Inés for inspiring my life and filling it with love. I am feeling better.

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  1. Beautiful. You sound so wise and strong. Ines is proud of you, I am sure.