domingo, 2 de enero de 2011

One year after

Dear Inés

Its been a year since you left precious, and I feel how nobody and nothing will ever fill the enormous space you left. No words can describe what we been through since we said goodbye. Your dad, me and your sister Isabel had to walked the most painful road. We have experienced empty hearts, never ending tears, nonsleep nights and we also have to bury the most precious dreams humans can have. But some how we have survived. Maybe because we now know that nothing can ever change or erase the love we feel for you, not even your absence in this Earth. One year after riding such horrible road we got to a place were our love and your physical absence can coexist with sanity. Indeed we still have one hope left in the bottom of our hearts, that one day we are finally going to meet you, in Eternity, where our souls will finally hold together in a timeless manner. In the meanwhile we will be here embracing every single memory we have from you.

I have to mention you that we just received an invitation to share your story with people who belong to the World Network For Patient Safety, since it might contribute to build a protocol to improve mothers to be and newborn safety in healthcare services in our country. I hope your story will eventually save some lifes and I will keep looking after that.

Today we have some plans to conmemorate your existance and to show that our love to you is timeless, we in fact love you even more than the first day we aknowledge you were joining our family. We are putting your ashes in a crypt in a nearby church that is new and beautiful, amazingly beautiful. I will take some pictures to share it. It took me a whole year to process this moment, from accepting your death to choosing the crypt and writing you a thought. I wanted to do it myself and when you died I was not able to stand up or move since I had a C section, so Dad and I decided we wanted to wait to do it ourselves once we could breath peacefully again. We found the place and the moment.

Please be sure that we are more than grateful that your were here with us even if it was brief. Thank you for bringing love, thank you for bringing beauty, thank you for bringing hope, thank you for bringing knowledge and thank thank thank you for being here.

We love you FOREVER

Your mom & family

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  1. This is just beautiful. Ines is one lucky girl to have such a wonderful and loving family.
    Happy birthday again to your wonderful little girl in heaven.