domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

She is here!

Emilia is here, she arrived one day before, on Wednesday, March 30, 2011. We are more than joyful, we are pleased that she arrived safely. No words can describe how much love and pain have been involved in this very long journey, but it is just worth it. She looks very much like her both sisters, except that she is very tiny since she was born in week 37 instead of week 39 and 40. Yesterday was our first day at home and of course I am already sleep deprived, but the sleep deprived you want to be, because last year I was sleep deprived because of the intense grief I went through after Inés died. I hope I can post Emilia's complete birth story soon, now I do have limited time. But I just wanted to let know that she is here and the 5 of us are so joyful.

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  1. Yeah!!! CONGRATS! This is wonderful news. Welcome to the outside world little Emilia. We're so glad you're here. :) So happy for you and yours. Thinking of you and all of yours. Much love!