martes, 5 de abril de 2011


We are doing great with Emilia. Nursing is already estalished, definately the second one is far easier when it comes to nursing, eventhough the latch of a 37 week newborn is by far less strong than the latch of a 40 week old newborn, so basically I just nurse her all day long. The next step is to begin pumping some breast milk to complement her with a bottle, specially at nights. This is maybe until she grows a little and develops a stronger latch.

The first two nights at home were critical, we stayed awake most of the time, but the third night (lats night) she slept much better and me too. We complemented her feeding with some formula since I was terribly exhausted and feeling a bit of blues. B fed her and I rested and I feel great today, the blues went away. Isabel is happy and behaving like an amazing big sister, she is being amazingly tolerant with the situation, she is great. B has been amazingly supportive and I see how the three of us were more than ready to receive little Emilia. Here are some pics! She is almost a week old!

3 comentarios:

  1. Oh - she's so lovely! And Isabel looks so delighted to be a big sister again. And you look great too. So glad to hear you are beating the blues - sending lots of love and huge congratulations xxh

  2. Beautiful girls! I am so glad Emilia arrived safely. Lots of love to you.