domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Christmas time is approaching


Christmas time is approaching soon. I have been fearing this time of the year, for many reasons. First because it is when families get together and our family can't be exactly complete without you. Second, because last year I was so happy and full of joy waiting for your arrival (see my picture with Inés in my belly just 5 weeks before she was born and died immediately after) thinking in the lifetime ahead we were suppose to share, however I never thought those were going to be the last days of you in this life. But as you know, I have worked all year long in accepting you were gone far sooner than I expected and wanted. That for better or worst I am learning to love you in the distance. However, my heart aches BECAUSE HOW MUCH I WISH YOU WERE HERE. This way of loving you in the distance is a totally new way of 'loving someone'. I bought Christmas boots for you and your siblings and today we were very glad to put yours and let know everyone that will come home during the season that you existed physically in this Earth and that your spirit lives forever in our memories and hearts. Loving you always pretty angel. I just wish so much you were here with us.

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  1. Beautiful belly with Ines inside! I like her Christmas stocking. We want to do something similar.
    Hugs to you this holiday season. I am sure it is bittersweet.