jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

35 weeks

I am 35 weeks pregnant!

However four days ago I got the worst case of hemorrhoids. Nasty huge piles and I have been in accute physical pain since Sunday evening. I can't sit, I can't walk, and I am in a constant deep pain. I have been mostly in bed and following the medical indications, but after four days I see almost no progress. I am in such a pain that I can't even concentrate to write. I guess that when I get better I will tell you about my life during this final track. Today is just horrible. Pregnancy is so so hard.

2 comentarios:

  1. Aye! So sorry to hear you're in such pain. It sounds awful! I hope the hemorrhoids get better VERY soon. Some of the physical aspects of pregnancy are so hard (and then add our emotional anxiety on top of all of that!). Hope to you're feeling better soon.


  2. ow! Sending lots of soothing thoughts and hoping that you get some relief from the pain soon. Thanks for your lovely words over at my blog. xxxh