martes, 5 de julio de 2011


So Emilia is here. It is just a blassssssttttt. We are very pleased about her being in our family. Our everyday life is begining to set back to normal, to 'our new normal'. It seems that we are again having joy pure joy in our lifes. I am glad.
However, it is becoming frequent that I experience this nightmares at night. These nightmares where I am at normal situation and this normal situation it suddenly turns into a kind of bad situation, where my life or my alife daughters' life are in danger. I think these nightmares are to clear, I live with a constant fear of lossing them. It is just overwhelming.

The last nightmare was about me being in my SUV, my dad was driving me and my husband. My daughters where with my sister, in another car that was just following us in a road. Suddenly, there was a Tsunami and we were trying to scape the sea wave, but then I saw how my sister's car was covered with water and I was just worried thinking that Emlia and Isabel might be death. I woke up so frightened, terrified and hating su much that I not only lost Ines but that I lost my confidence and at some point my sanity.

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