viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2011

Just hi

Before describing my life and my feelings after loosing my baby 22 months ago, I just wanted to share some pictures of us when Emilia (our rainbow baby) was 3 months old. today she is 7 months old.

And how do I feel today. I feel thankful. I feel stronger. I feel wiser. But I steel feel sadness, whenever I think on how much I loss I can't fight feeling sad. I know those feelings came to stay. And I also don't want them to leave me completely. In a way those feelings put me in contact with my dear Inés.

Also these days I have been thinking on how important my three girls have been for my personal development. Isabel brought a stronger Mariana out of me, Inés brought a more spiritual Mariana out of me and Emilia brought a more balanced Mariana out of me. Thank you girls making me a better person.

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  1. Oh, gorgeous photos! You do look strong - like a woman who has faced real hardship and has grown as a result. Thinking of you and your three beautiful girls xxxh